The modern accountant

Approachable, Entrepreneurial, Tech Lovers, Analysts and Strategists, Business Partners, Growth Drivers, Networkers and Connectors, Trusted Advisors, Sociable Creatures, Snappy Dressers… and of course, Amazing with your Numbers


What we do

Our accounting and advisory services can be tailored to all stages of growth – freelance, startup, expanding business or established enterprise.

We can do this because our deep experience (20 years and counting) of setting up, growing, running and levelling up businesses across a variety of industries in Scotland gives us the expertise to service your accounting needs and be a trusted advisor.  

Who do we help?














We are the future of accountancy.

In an increasingly automated world in which accounts and tax can be prepared at the push of a button, we will be your trusted and approachable business advisor.

The accountancy profession, its image, the way it delivers its services, needs disrupting, that’s what we’re doing, leading the charge, and not with a calculator, but with individually tailored software portfolios, regular catch-ups, sound experience-based and data-driven MI and business strategies, with a smile.

We are the Netflix of the accountancy profession – slick, engaging, online and on trend.

Why are we different?

Faith Simpson is a new breed of accountant

Approachable, entrepreneurial, technology embracing, innovative, growth-focused, experienced and trusted.

Not just accountants

Actually, we’re not just accountants. We’re business people, with deep experience of setting up, running and expanding businesses. We know what it is to be a business at all stages of growth, we also know that accountants in the past haven’t always delivered a level of service we desired, they often fell well below promise and expectation.


This needs to change. Our approach is to embrace all the innovations currently transforming the accountancy and finance profession, use them to improve our service, to offer thoughtful, tailored solutions to our clients, backed up with accessible, approachable support and real insight into your business and markets, while avoiding all the old naff jargon that accountancy has become associated with.

We want you to succeed

You want to grow, we want you to grow, we too want to grow. There is a symbiosis possible between the accountant-client dynamic that can benefit all parties. Forget the men in grey suits in back rooms under strip-lights counting beans in dire need of melatonin, once a year telling you your numbers.

We want to be your Trusted Advisor a business partner on your journey.

Faith Simpson is here and we like to talk, about your dreams, about the latest piece of accounting tech that might change the game, about the weekend, about your business.