About us


Our founder, and the firm’s namesake, Faith Simpson, nearly walked away from accountancy.

She’d become disillusioned with the profession, with its old-school boy's networks and the fusty outdated way accountants serviced clients – the dreaded once-a-year chat about ‘the numbers’ – it just wasn't her.  So she closed Excel and typed into Google: what do I do now?

As is often the case, she found the answer hiding in plain sight. She wasn’t the only one fed up with the profession, businesses were too.

And that’s where our journey began, with an eye for opportunity.

We’re now a thriving practice with offices in Edinburgh, Elgin and Huntly, providing our upbeat, personable service to a business environment desperate for a firm of accountants that do things differently and provide more than just ‘the numbers’.

We’re shaking up the accountant-client dynamic – no more stuffy offices and grey suits – just come to one of our networking events to see for yourself.

Talent is top

We provide full training for all staff and work experience for school kids. We’re hoping soon to offer ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) apprenticeships for staff and school leavers.

Elaine, our MD, and Faith spend time with all staff encouraging them to develop their skills and learn new concepts. We like to see people push themselves and realise they can do more than they perhaps thought they could. We champion improvement at all levels and genuinely want to see our team develop strong management and leadership skills, so they can enjoy prosperous careers and realise their ambitions.

Growth is good

We’re expanding and are always on the lookout for new markets and areas to develop.

Indeed, we launched our new HQ in Edinburgh in March 2017 and have two new markets earmarked for 2018/19 – but it’s all a bit hush hush at the moment.

We understand sectors

Huntly are specialists in Farming, also offshore and international tax (NEW). Faith is an expert in working with startups and SMEs, entrepreneurs and the aviation sector.

We love technology

We really do! We love social media, it allows us to see what’s going on in Scotland’s exciting business world. But most importantly, from a business perspective, is our software portfolio. We work with a variety of cloud-based systems, from QuickBooks to Xero to FreeAgent. Our systems are easy to navigate and work for you, no matter the size of your business. We help you stay on trend, on time and up-to-date so your business and its numbers are at your fingertips, enabling you to make the right decisions at the right time.

We like to socialise

Yes, accountants like to have fun. Just come to one of our regular networking events. We also get invited to prestigious nights out. In November 2017 we sponsored Moray Business Woman of the Year at the MWB awards, where Faith presented the award. Also, Faith was at the ACCA new members’ dinner in November where she was invited to sit at the top.


We win awards

Not to brag (well maybe just a little), but we’re pretty good and proud of it. We won the 2015 Business of the Year at the ASB awards and 2017 Business of the Year (North) at the Scottish SME Awards.

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