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Horrible Bosses – the rise of the understanding leader

By Faith Simpson / April 4, 2018

What makes a good leader? In my 20 something years as a barmaid, shop manager, reservation supervisor and trainee accountant, I have come across a “Heinz Variety” of managers. Some were good, some were bad and some were down right ugly! I am certainly not going to sit and here and name and shame them,…

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“To Uni” or not “To Uni” – is education in its most basic form dead?

By Faith Simpson / March 17, 2018

A slave to social media, all things political and Brexit, I came across a tweet last night during Question time where @otto_english tweeted the following: “Michelle Dewberry’s qualifications amounts to two GCSEs, Nigel Farage has no A levels. Surely they have prospered but it beggars belief that two such ill qualified people should be spearheading…

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