Expanding business


That’s us! We’ve just opened our third office. We share and understand the desire to grow a business, to broaden markets or reach new ones, offer deeper or more varied service lines, expand product ranges. As well as handling your accounting needs through expansion, we can advise on growth strategies and mine your financial data for all the MI we can find.

Also, we are well known in Scotland’s business circles. Through our work and appetite for connecting people, we have developed a deep and quality network of banks, financial advisors, mentoring services and non-exec directors.

How we help expanding businesses


One of the team

We know how to do what you’re trying to do – we’re successful business owners. With a unique range of commercial experience, we can be your SMEs virtual FD


Growth focused

Expansion, M&A, new products, new markets, new networks, it’s what we do and it’s what we can help you to do too


Digital accounting

More than just the dreaded yearly catch up with your accountant, we’ll manage your accounts monthly, yearly and even in real-time, all online and cloud-based


Always there

We like to keep in regular contact, offer advice and ask and answer questions. We have lots of experience, so make the most of it


Are you looking for finance?

We’ll help you raise finance, with a killer pitch, our rich network and our great reputation backing you up. Depending on your business and sector there are many funding avenues available and we know how to navigate them – we have the experience.

Can you help with our tax strategy?

For sure! The more you grow and expand, the more dealings you have, even entering new jurisdictions, which ultimately means tax can become increasingly complex. At our discovery call we can go over your current situation and future plans, and begin to build a tax strategy from there.

Can you help grow our network?

We are quickly expanding our business throughout the East of Scotland and beyond. Coupled with the business experience and contacts we’ve gained over our many combined years at the helm, along with our inclination for a good get together with all our friends, we are great at building and developing new and specialised networks for our friends.

Can we call on you unexpectedly?

Business rarely runs to a playbook. So we’re proud to say we can provide additional and ad hoc work to react to unexpected events or assist with special projects, or just when you need a bit of extra accounting fire power. Additionally, we can provide bolt-on and value adding access to an extended portfolio of specialist accounting and finance software, depending on what you need.

Can online accounting help with cash flow?

Online accounting means your accounts, expenses and bookkeeping can all be managed remotely online and in the cloud, and yes we can help you manage your all-important cash flow, again remotely so we’ll be able to flag any concerns or answer any queries quickly.

We’ve got a finance team, what can you do?

We can be your finance partner, a well-informed business friend, a strategist, someone who can support your finance department, who can take all your data and give you a unique, open, honest and objective view on your business. We can give you killer MI, we can turn your numbers into a story of potential and growth, we can save money and advise on how to make it.