Start ups


We love startups! Heck, we were a startup once upon a time (we still are at heart). You’re either really excited about your idea, and ready to set up, or you could be a few hurdles along the track already – whichever, you need an accountant.

Because we’ve had our eureka moment and done something about it – we’re now expanding rapidly – we know what it is to launch a business and get it growing. We’ll hold your hand through company registration, point out relevant tax breaks and incentives specific to your company and industry, talk nicely and plainly about the finance stuff and help you steer a clear strategic trajectory to growth.

How we help Startups


One of the team

We know how to do what you’re trying to do. We’re entrepreneurs too. With a unique range of commercial experience, we’ll be your go to finance expert


Digital accounting

More than just the dreaded yearly catch up with your accountant, we’ll manage your accounts monthly, yearly and even in real-time, all online and cloud-based


Always there

We like to keep in regular contact, offer advice and ask and answer questions. We have lots of experience, so make the most of it


Business growth

We can support you from company formation through to the more complex issues of payroll, corporation tax and R&D credits


Sole trader or limited company?

Sole trader is usual for a freelancer, working alone. But being a limited company can also benefit one man bands too, it depends on your business, your sector, your performance and growth forecast. In general, you’ll know when you’re growing out of being a sole trader, but we certainly will, it’s something we’ll advise on during a discovery call.

Limited company – what now?

A limited company is a separate legal identity from its owners, with a business name registered at Companies House that no one can pinch, along with better tax efficiency than sole traders. But with this comes more paperwork and greater responsibilities – you’ll be a shareholder, director and employee – but no problem, we’ll walk you through it all.

Are you looking for finance?

We’ll help you raise finance, with a killer pitch, our rich network and our great reputation backing you up. Depending on your business and sector there are many funding avenues available and we know how to navigate them – we have the experience.

Would you do my accounts yearly, monthly or when?

Yearly, monthly and there are also things we can do so you can see us even more frequently if you like. We’ll handle all your bookkeeping and prepare and submit your financial accounts yearly, but as experienced and successful business owners we also provide monthly, closer handling of your accounts, which we can talk to you about and assist in interpreting all the way up to board level. And with the various digital tools we have at our disposal, we can support you in various other ways, which we can talk about on a discovery call.

Can online accounting help with cash flow?

Online accounting means your accounts, expenses and bookkeeping can all be managed remotely online and in the cloud, and yes we can help you manage your all-important cash flow, again remotely so we’ll be able to flag any concerns or answer any queries quickly.

Will you keep me above board?

Of course! We’ll take care of all your so-called ‘compliance work’, in other words we’ll keep you legal by making sure you meet all your obligations, i.e. file your accounts and do you tax returns. It’s really the bare minimum of what we do, and a lot of it being soaked up by software and AI, so we’re free to do what we’re really good at, help you succeed and grow, but we can talk all about that on a discovery call.